Jest End – Waterloo East Theatre

Jest End is a celebration of the most popular musicals, taking some of the most iconic musical numbers and ‘Jest-End-ing’ them. It is West End’s version of Forbidden Broadway and debuted at the Jermyn Street Theatre in 2008.

This satirical show is hilarious, stagey, with a fantastic cast. The four Jesters in this production were outstanding, true class acts.

Simon Bailey is a natural showman with a fantastic voice. He sings a wonderful version of ‘Thank You For The Music’ from Mamma Mia, ‘Wishing I’d Been On TV’. The salute to Cameron MacIntosh was fantastically played by Bailey.

Scott Garnham has a great voice and charmed and interacted with the audience well. He sang ‘My Fans Believe In Me’ (Memphis Lives in Me’), impersonating Killian Donnelly. He also performed the parody of John Barrowman (I am What I am, La Cage) which was very funny.

Jodie Jacobs has a truly amazing voice and interacts with and bounces off the audience perfectly. Jodie as Sheridon Smith, singing ‘I’d Rather Be Poor’ (I’d Rather Be Blue, Funny Girl), was outstanding. She also sang ‘When Will It Be My Time? ‘while playing a nervous actress auditioning for a part.

Lizzy Connolly gave a fantastic performance bringing wonderful energy and perfect vocals. She played Christine Daae in the Love Never Dies and Phantom of the Opera numbers and really showed off her voice. ‘Superchore’ was a wonderful number where Connolly is Mary Poppins singing an adaption of ‘Supercalifragalisticexpialadocious’.

‘Rely On Me The Lead’ (Defying Gravity, Wicked) is a standout number performed by Jacobs and Connolly. It is a salute to Rachel Tucker and Louise Dearman who famously performed the song before being in Wicked together.

The Les Miserables part was hilarious and brilliant – absolutely inspired and performed wonderfully by all of the cast.

Overall, an absolutely fantastic, hysterical show featuring current jokes, iconic musical songs and four amazingly talented Jesters. It is stagey heaven! Garry Lake’s (director, creator, writer and producer) arranging and direction was flawless and inspired.

Hoping it is back again next year – and would love to see the same cast again, who were all just outstanding!


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